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Don’t let Fibromyalgia sufferers be forgotten.

March 15, 2013

I live in Southern California, I just googled Fibromyalgia and not one advertisement came up. It seems no one is helping and everyone has forgotten or maybe just given up on these wonderful people. I am dedicated to changing all of that. Get with me and help me get the word out. Lets raise the awareness. Look what they did with AIDS, we have a lot more people suffering just as badly. We need to unit and make a stand for our cause. The problem is many of our people are so sick they can barely stand. So the rest of us need to make the difference.
It is time for us to be heard. It is time for the world to fund good research. We have so many good things happening out there and no one seems to care much.
It seem the majority of sufferers have given up on finding the answer and if they hear of anything just don’t believe it. Let ban together and make a difference.

Dr Whitcomb


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  1. sheri leis permalink

    Hi, I have Fm. I am in agony and on so many meds mostly for migraines. I live in Colorado but moving to Florida as my body can no longer handle the cold. I am 43 and a Mom of a 2 yr. old. I would like to see if you know of anyone who could possibly help me in the Ft.Myers, FL or SW area Please? I am desperate.
    I have been in agony for so long, my doctor just got rid of me, I just spent two days in the Er this past week with really terrible migraines. I need help please. I feel like nobody cares or believes me when I say that I am in this pain.

    Sheri Leis

  2. I have suffered from fibromyalgia for over 30 years and found out from a rheumatism Dr. the cause of my pain. My back gave out with spasms for 6 months. Recently I had an attack. What is important to note that this illness resembles arthritis but its also different because when your body has an attack of pain all over you get physically ill. What I have discovered is overwork can bring on an attack. Also, one’s body stiffens with fatigue and its this tension all over that can bring on an attack. Physical exercise is good but should not be done when one is over tired or has lost sleep. Stress aggravates the condition. The Dr. who treated me believed too much stress over a period of time in ones life is the cause of this illness and I have to agree. A lifetime of anxiety, fear, insecurity along with persistent hard work physical or otherwise can also aggravate the situation. But I believe the main cause is fear and insecurity. When one is afraid the body tenses and if you consider many years of being in a situation that causes fear, the result can be fibromyalgia.

  3. M.E. Wilcox permalink

    Hi Dr. Whitcomb. Today I just read a book written by a previous patient of yours and I am hoping to contact you. I do not have fibromyalgia, but I do have a plethora of problems (many of which overlap those of fibromyalgia). I have been suffering since Feb. 2001 when I broke my neck – burst fracture/Jefferson’s fracture: 4 complete fractures of C1. It happened in a remote location of a 3rd world country and it took me 12 days to get to a hospital. I experienced a miracle – by the fact that I was not paralyzed or killed by my injury, but my body, my life has been on a downward spiral ever since. I am sincerely desperate to find relief. I have been to a variety of doctors and bodywork specialists and have tried many techniques. For the past 4 years I have used craniosacral therapy – but it is (at times) only minimally helpful and usually doesn’t last very long. I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to discuss my situation with you.

  4. Krista Taylor permalink

    Hello Dr. Whitcomb,

    I am a 43 year old woman who has been suffering with FMS, severe migraines and depression, extensive body pain and feel like I can’t take anymore. I was diagnosed by a rheumatologist at the age of 26, and have since seen every kind of western doctor as well as alternative medicine doctor for help. I am now on so much medicine, with very little relief. I have had a very difficult time keeping a consistent job over the past 8+years due to my sleeping issues and depression. I am to start a new job soon and so fearful I won’t be able to make it. Are there any doctors you can refer me to that know about your method? Many thanks in advance.

  5. Donna permalink

    I’m going to share and post your blog on Facebook, on my blogs, forums, etc… to help get the word out too.

    I have family and friends who are suffering. And mine tends to come and go, but I’m able to function more than most.

    If you could post a list of doctors, that would be great. Friends and family suffering are in Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Northern Idaho and a couple of them, not sure where they are living now.

    • If you send me your town and Zip code I will find you a Doctor close to you.


      • Donna permalink

        Sandpoint, Idaho is mine and the zip is 83864. I replied on another post the list of cities and zip codes for friends and family members too. Know alot of people who need help.

        I’m still have some residual occipital neuralgia on the left side. Both the greater and lesser occipital nerve is involved. There is muscle tightness in the neck, and my ROLFer keeps telling me to drop my shoulders, and the muscles are overworked.

        Regarding my muscles, the Sternocleidomastoid is the main culprit, I think, but there are others on that side pulling on that occiput.

        Trapezius is usually tight, along with the Levator scapulae, and Splenius cervicis to name a few. I also tend to get the TMJ crunching and dysfunction on that side.

        The NCR usually helps the TMJ part and occipital neuralgia, because the sphenoid bone is the target bone of NCR, and its connection to the occiput, joining at the sphenobaslar junction. I have an NCR session scheduled at the end of March, with an ABC adjustment right before it

        However it seems that I may had the occiput to atlas subluxation mechanism of injury. I was kicked in the face by a horse at around age 4 or 5, therabouts, so my entire life went through structural hell, with a messed up mouth, collapsed face and palate (NCR has totally corrected that part!), and inferior teeth.

        I’m pretty sure there is still some nervous tension; the autonomic and parasympathetic nervous system. I still have the vibrating thing, which are the nerves on hyperdrive

        I don’t have a whole lot of back pain anymore, thanks to the NCR, ABC, Rolfing, and the supplements. I still have what they term as a muscle imbalance. However, I am able to function more than most. The ABC works so well with NCR, and the ABC has to be done at least twice a week. The chiro that does that is still too far away (an hour and a half), and as soon as the northern weather here clears up more, we’ll be able to make the trip weekly. So the reason all this takes so long, is because of travel. NCR doc is 6 hours away, the AtlasProfilax guy lives in California, and has come up this way a couple of times. So my biggest hindrance is all these great practitioners are everywhere else, but HERE.

  6. Janie Hills permalink

    Hi Doc. I have always thought of you many times. I am very thankful for all that you did for me. I am still on my feet and no physical pain. Five years ago I was physically attacked and the result was PTSD along chronic fatigue that has been debilitating. Any words of wisdom. Janie

    • Hi Janie

      Of course I would have you come here and treat you. This is my first recommendation. Knowing you and how strong you are the PTSD is probably created by the incident and triggered the Sympathetics, keeping you from sleeping and thus the chronic fatigue. I believe it is the old meningeal problem again. Take care of this and the sympathetic will turn off, you will sleep and the fatigue will remit. You are strong enough to put an attack behind you, but the constant sympathetic firing will keep everything going. You can call me 530-307-2398. Love to hear from you.
      Love you


  7. Kimkim permalink

    Any help in upstate ny?

  8. Yes, I believe I have trained people there. Go to and pur in your zip code. You will get the closest four Doctors to you.


    • digitalangeldonnadj permalink

      There was a chiropractor listed in Coeur d’Alene, ID, but he is no longer listed on the site. I was able to go to him last year and tried it out. I hope he still does it, even though he’s no longer listed, but his website still has the NRCT page up.

      Frantz Chiropractic and Acupuncture Clinic

  9. I am sure he can still help you. Let me know how it turns out

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