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Dr paul Whitcomb, one sided Fibromyalgia

December 27, 2012

One-Sided Fibromyalgia or Meningeal Compression


  We have found that in some cases the vertebrae will torque on only one side, causing one-sided pain. This is because the Meninges is impinged on the twisted side and causes those nerves to fire, sending signals of pain to the brain on just one side. We have only seen this in perhaps 5% of our patients, but it does exist. These will respond to treatment just as well or better than the average Meningeal Compression or FMS patient.

We once had a 35-year-old female patient with one-sided Fibromyalgia. She took excellent care of herself, was married to a high-level executive, and had two young children. She told us the only way she could get to sleep was to take her sleeping meds, her antidepressants, and her pain pills, drink wine, and use snuff before bed. Her pain disappeared with the first treatment, and by the end of her first month of treatment she was released, sleeping normally, having no symptoms, and off all meds. These patients usually test very well with a complete remission of symptoms at the time of testing.






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